As leaders rise to higher levels within an organization, they are required to navigate increasingly complex and chaotic situations. There are hand-offs and trade-offs with stakeholders and constituents. There are executive leaders to please and junior leaders to lead. Peers with competing agendas vie for the same set of limited resources.  

Some senior leaders seem to have advanced through the sheer force of driving results, often at the cost of high employee compliance and burnout.  Others appear to have attained senior roles through the influence of their charismatic personality without producing much in the way of sustained business outcomes. Too many leaders are promoted because of what they know or how long they have worked, rather than their skill in managing others. In this program, Sal moves beyond the 4 essential rules of leadership to explore the 4 shifts in mindset that help a senior leader balance both results and relationships so that ultimately they can unite the people around them.

This keynote will build on the basics of leadership presented in Sal’s book and keynote Ignite! The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders. During this interactive and engaging session, Sal Silvester will share his observations and recommendations on:

  • The 3 C’s :  Understanding what makes senior leadership different 
  • 4 key mindset shifts: what they look like, what research says, and specific case studies
  • Characteristics seniors leaders must exemplify to be successful  
  • What the core shift looks like on the surface and if we dig a little deeper
  • Mistakes senior leaders make (and how to avoid them)
  • Secrets to balancing relationships and results 
  • Starter questions to initiate change in the workplace

Audiences will walk away with new insights and distinctions of how to transition successfully into senior leadership roles.  Senior leaders will learn to fine tune how they function with their team, with other senior leaders, and to build a strong succession framework.

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