Management Training Denver

Do your managers have the skills to help your organization produce business results and capitalize on new opportunities?

Most new managers get promoted without an inkling of management training. 
They were good at their job - as an engineer, financial analyst, customer service representative, nurse, salesperson – and someone decided that they would be good managers. As a result, they spend their time focusing on coordinating tasks and tracking issues.

While important, that is very different than influencing people and garnering team member commitment. If your managers are like many new and mid-level managers, they are probably excited about their role and want to be successful, but having a difficult time leading to their potential. They probably don't realize the impact they have on their team members' level of engagement, productivity, and retention.

It doesn't have to be that way. Your managers can have the skills and abilities to lead their people effectively.

At 5.12 Solutions, our management training programs in Denver, Boulder and across Colorado help organizations achieve their strategic goals. Through a structured and practical approach, our management training programs give leaders the ability to:

  • align their teams based on strategic goals
  • build team member commitment
  • improve morale and team member retention
  • enhance cohesion

Our Management Training Programs are Focused on Business Results

Future Executives Development: For businesses in Boulder, Denver, and across Colorado who need their managers to make a significant impact, this 9-month management training program will help deepen your leadership bench and give your managers the skills they need to improve team member productivity and performance. Go here for more information.

Management Training: For organizations Boulder, Denver, and across Colorado who want to focus on specific management skill development in shorter half-day and full-day sessions, these management training programs are practical and business oriented and enable managers to make an immediate impact on the teams they lead. Go here for more information.

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