Corporate Team Building Denver

Is your team struggling to reach its highest level of potential?

Are team members getting bogged down in turf wars, hidden agendas, and destructive conflict?

It doesn't have to be that way.

The best teams incessantly work on building a strong foundation of trust, have people who are committed to shared goals, and engage in constructive dialogue and discussion that leads to commitment and faster decision making. The good news is that through a structured approach, your team can make a significant shift that will enable your organization to reach greater levels of success.

We'll help you get there...faster.

At 5.12 Solutions, we help organizations in the Denver and Boulder, Colorado region ignite the potential of their people. Our corporate team building programs are focused on:

  • Helping teams understand their purpose
  • Creating and aligning shared goals
  • Building trust and cohesion
  • Improving team member relationships and overall productivity
  • Reducing team member turnover and improving engagement

Our Programs Produce Results

Executive/Management Team Development Program: This strategic program is for senior leadership teams in Denver and Boulder, Colorado who want to make a major shift in how they work together, enabling them to proactively respond to new opportunities.Go here for more information.

Team Acceleration Program: For new and existing functional teams who want to make a significant shift in how they communicate and collaborate, enabling them to achieve the results they were meant to achieve. Go here for more information.

Corporate Team Building Workshops: For teams who want to build awareness and targeted skills in half-day or full-day sessions. Go here for more information.

Ready for More?

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