Ignite Leadership 2013

Executive Coaching and Leadership Training Program

We invite you to apply for a spot in the upcoming Ignite Leadership 2013 Program.  This is an advanced, six-month Executive Coaching and Leadership Training program that prepares leaders for roles that directly impact business results.  Starting January 2013, emerging, transitioning and mid-level leaders will begin a guided and structured program that includes monthly group leadership sessions, 1-1 coaching sessions, applied learning workplace scenarios, action planning, industry learning tools and much more. Led by author, speaker and consultant Sal Silvester, the program is limited to groups of ten participants who can commit to a proven process that builds over time, to affect real behavioral change and attitude movement from head to heart.  Based on Sal’s popular book Ignite!  The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders, Ignite Leadership 2013 is open to individuals and available on-site for client groups of 6-12.

Here are the details:

If your emerging leaders are like many other new and mid-level leaders, they are probably enthusiastic and willing to learn, but struggling to reach their potential. In fact, they are probably trying to navigate the following challenges that the Ignite Leadership 2013 Program is designed to address head on:

  • Creating focus. Today’s business environment is moving at a tireless pace, and leaders are called upon more than ever to do more with less. With so many priorities to juggle, leaders often struggle to be effective as they get sucked into spending time IN the business, focusing on the urgent day-to-day issues, instead of ON the business, focusing on creating alignment and nurturing a healthy culture.
  • Maximizing team member performance. New and mid-level leaders are often reluctant to either give up control (which results in micro-managing) or reluctant to assert themselves (which results in avoidance). Either way, these behaviors often lead to reduced team member commitment and productivity. Leaders need the skills to set performance expectations and provide feedback.
  • Dealing with ongoing business uncertainty. Productivity and performance are at stake when leaders struggle to effectively help their teams navigate the challenges of change. Today’s emerging leaders must be responsive and resilient to change.

What organizations really want for emerging leaders:

You want your emerging leaders to be able to align and guide their team members based on the strategic direction of their team or department. They need the skills to link the organizational objectives to team member performance and then direct, delegate, and motivate their team members based on individual needs and priorities. With alignment comes clarity and accountability.

You want your emerging leaders to have the skills and abilities to positively impact team member engagement and productivity. It’s not good enough just to get team members aligned; leaders must be able to get team members collaborating. This is the cornerstone of efficiency.

You want your leaders to reach a higher level of performance so you can focus less on their team and more on your strategic objectives. When your emerging leaders have the ability to set a vision for their own team, delegate responsibly, and communicate up effectively, this frees senior leaders to focus on the future and on the strategic agenda.

These objectives are not only obtainable but can be achieved in a very short period of time with a structured approach that provides support along the way.

The solution? The Ignite Leadership 2013 Program. This unique program accelerates leadership development, resulting in emerging leaders who can build team member commitment, reduce voluntary turnover of high performers, increase team member productivity, and ultimately help an organization capitalize on opportunities.

The Ignite Leadership 2013 Program cuts out the fluff often found in leadership development programs and focuses on the practical tools, skills, and behaviors that make leaders effective. Other benefits include:

  • Creating focus by aligning “business objectives” with team member performance
  • Higher levels of team member commitment and engagement by providing a clear vision and direction to team members and appealing to individuals’ personal aspirations
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities through clear performance expectations and the ability to provide performance feedback
  • Better inter and intra team communication as silos and turf wars are eliminated
  • Respect for team members’ differences enabling the leader to capitalize on the individual talents
  • A more effective use of time as leaders balance when to delegate and when to take a more hands-on role
  • Improved business processes as leaders learn how to challenge the status quo
  • Fostering a “best places to work” culture by establishing a climate of open communication and a positive team working relationship
  • A better understanding of “self” and the ability to tailor the environment that fits what team members need most

How the Program is Structured

The 6-month journey will begin in January 2013. Only 10-12 high potential leaders will be selected to participate in each group. We purposely keep the group size small so that we can give individual attention to each leader as needed. The program includes the following: 

  • Monthly Leadership Performance Sessions (3-4 hours, meeting the third Friday of the month from 8:00 - 11:30am at a convenient location between Boulder and Denver) These group coaching sessions are where the "heavy lifting" happens and are focused on developing the fundamental skills of leadership, providing participants with an opportunity to practice key skills, sharing leadership challenges across the group, and implementing tools to improve team member performance.  
  • Two 1-1 coaching sessions per leader (via conference call) focused on accelerating leadership effectiveness by providing targeted support based on each person’s leadership competency level and area of need. 
  • 360 Degree Feedback utilizes input from peers, managers, team members, and others to  help individual leaders understand strengths and blind spots, build self-awareness, and improve leadership effectiveness. 
  • Individual Leadership Development Action Plan to help participants take ownership for their leadership/self-development and career growth at the beginning of the program. Participants create a next steps action plan at the end of the program to continue their own learning and development.  
  • Personality style profiling to enhance the leader’s understanding of his/her leadership style and modify how to develop, direct, delegate, and motivate the people they lead.
  • Professional reading - participants read Sal Silvester's book Ignite! The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders to provide a common language and framework about leadership. 

In addition, we offer the following elements to help leaders build point skills:

  • Access to 5.12 Solutions live recorded audio programs on various personal and professional topics
  • Tools and templates for implementing key leadership skills
  • Additional elearning courses to close skill gaps
  • Management action planning map with specific tips on how to best relate to team members

Is the Ignite Leadership 2013 Program a fit for your emerging leaders?

The Ignite Leadership 2013 Program has been run with leaders from small to large companies from a variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, products, and federal government agencies. It is highly effective for new and mid-level leaders, and has even been rolled “up” to senior leaders.

How much does the program cost? 

  • $650 per month, per person for 6 months
  • $550 per month, per person for 6 months if you register with two or more people

Interested in applying for the program? 

If so, we invite you to complete the online application below.  Qualified candidates will then be scheduled to connect with us for a Leadership Development Strategy session where we’ll explore your business challenges, current leadership capabilities, results you’d like to achieve, and determine if Ignite Leadership 2013 Program is a fit for you and/or others in your organization.

The conversation will take about one hour and can be done in person or by phone. Simply complete the form below to schedule your session.

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