Arrogance Disguised as Selflessness

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Imagine this

A new Vice President joins your organization from a similar company in the same industry. Only his former company is bigger and arguably more successful. The leader has a grand vision that if implemented will have a significant impact on the company's end customers and shareholder value. He comes in blazing and doesn't just want to move the chairs on the deck, but wants to shift the direction of the boat. 

Transitioning to Senior Leadership: Research on Emotional Intelligence

leadership and emotional intelligenceIn the past 3 posts I've made the case that the most important mindset shift a leader has to make to be successful in a senior leader role is to make the shift from being Smart to being Aware

Transitioning to Senior Leadership: Identifying an Aware Leader

The leadership downward spiralIf you missed Part 1 and Part 2, read those first. Then come back here for more details on the shift from being Smart to being Aware.

Transitioning to Senior Leadership: Leading with Awareness

In our last post, we began exploring the first shift leaders need to make to be successful in senior leadership roles - from being smart to being aware.  

So, what does this shift of being smart to being aware look like? It will seem easy on the surface, but it's a lifetime of work. And it’s comprised of 3 parts:  

Transitioning to Senior Leadership: From Smart to Aware

In our recent survey about senior leadership, we asked senior leaders the following question. "What do you wish you knew more about prior to being promoted to senior leadership?" 

Here are a few summary quotes of how they responded…

Efficiently Transitioning to a Senior Leadership Position

Senior leadership developmentMy wife Rachel and I have an 8- month old. During Rachel's  9 months of pregnancy, everyone kept saying to us – “everything is going to change.” Frankly, that "advice" wasn't helpful. It didn't help me understand how things would be different as a father and as a parent.

Don't Let Peter Get You

The peter principleMeet Peter. 

He is a force to be reckoned with. 

He silently follows you around. Lurking. He watches you when you aren’t looking. He waits patiently. And then he strikes when you least expect him. 

How to Deliver Recognition

Last week, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I shared some information on how to recognize people in the workplace. So, to continue on the theme of recognition, here is another video. 

The way that leaders recognize their people matters. Comments like "great work" and other general accolades almost never have a positive impact. In fact, they may unintentionally backfire.

Want to learn a more effective way to deliver recognition?  Watch here...

Recognition and Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude. As leaders, we can show our people that we are grateful for their contributions to the business by recognizing their efforts. Recognition is a core component of building team member commitment. But, most leaders struggle with how to effectively recognize their people. Watch this video to learn a simple framework on how to recognize people in a way that actually impacts business results.

The 4-step Feedback Process

Most leaders struggle with how to give team members feedback. Use this model to provide feedback in a way that will engender team member commitment.