Fortune 50 Technology Company

This Fortune 50 Technology Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of instruments used to measure total organic carbon in water. The company selected Los Cabos, Mexico as the site to bring together 35 employees from their international sales, marketing, and executive teams.


Facilitate corporate training events that would enable the teams to share best practices, forge stronger relationships and create an annual sales plan to grow the business in the coming year.


5.12 Solutions adapted its signature Hi-Tech Treasure Hunt to take advantage of the beautiful beach resort setting. Divided into three teams, each group was charged with finding hidden caches along the beachfront property using only a map, compass, GPS device and teamwork. At each cache point, the teams worked together to complete components of their annual sales plan. The exercise proved to be a successful way of engaging people who don’t usually work together.
"It was very memorable," wrote one participant of the program. "Sal taught us to work as a team and be open to all ideas."


Following the Hi-tech Treasure Hunt, participants presented their annual plans to the group and then shared in 5.12 Solutions’ Personal Break-through Activity where they simulated breaking-through barriers by breaking wooden boards with their bare hands. Not only did each person leave the conference with an annual sales plan and a personalized roadmap to reaching their goals in the coming year, but they also learned the value of teamwork and were empowered to succeed.