Clinical Research Organization

This Clinical Research Organization (CRO) is focused on improving health through both research and prevention programs.


The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of this Clinical Research Organization had just been through a round of layoffs. His organization was competing with efficient industry leaders and his challenge was to figure out how to gain a competitive foothold in the market with limited internal resources. He knew his leaders were critical to organizational success.


5.12 Solutions developed and implemented a 9-month Leadership Development Program (LDP) to help prepare this organization’s leaders for the future. The program started with a 360 degree feedback instrument, where leaders received feedback from their team members, peers, and managers. This same instrument was used at the end of the LDP to help measure the success of the program and behavioral change.

Because time was a constraint for these busy leaders, the program was designed with a unique blend of learning interventions including professional reading, self-reflection exercises, one-on-one coaching, and Leadership Performance Workshops. Workshop topics covered areas such as leadership styles, performance management, delegation skills, and key practices of People-First Leadership. Importantly, the LDP included a 5-month project, where each leader chose and implemented a project that would develop their leadership skills and add value to the organization. At the beginning and end of their projects participants were required to brief the Executive Team on plans and results.


There is complete alignment across the organization from strategic objectives down to individual performance goals. Leaders are more in tune to their strengths and weaknesses, have made significant progress toward improving self-awareness, and are leading more effectively. Employee surveys, as measured from the previous year, were much higher in the areas where managers were measured. Additionally, the LDP projects resulted in new technologies implemented, improved QA processes, and streamlined clinical trial processes.