State Government Department

This State Government Department serves as the business center for Colorado's $13 billion state government.


Work with 18 supervisors from different operational areas within the Division to help them work on their team building, coaching, performance appraisal and goal setting skills.


Taking place in historic Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado, one of the most beautiful locations along the Colorado Front Range, 5.12 Solutions combined corporate training with outdoor experiential activities to energize the supervisors and introduce them to unconventional opportunities to improve their communication and team-building skills.
They were divided into teams and given a GPS device, a two-way radio and a map to help guide them along the mountain trails. The teams collaborated to solve problems, tackled physical obstacles, created and met goals, and improved their communication skills.


Working in a mountain setting brought out the creativity of this group, reinforcing key leadership principles that proved valuable in the workplace. Further, because they were introduced to one another outside the office, these managers formed bonds that extended beyond their specific office roles. They also moved beyond the realm of what they thought was possible to break through limiting beliefs on what they could achieve individually, as well as part of a team.