The performance review process is your opportunity to reflect on your career, on your strengths, and on your plans for the future.

Here are a few ideas on how you can take ownership for your 2010 performance goals.

  • Be proactive - find out what the organizational goals and departmental level goals are for the year.
  • Be proactive - walk into your performance review (or schedule a separate meeting with your manager) prepared with individual performance goals that YOU created. Make sure they align with the organizational and departmental goals.
  • Be proactive - your manager should never surprise you with feedback in a performance review meeting. Similarly, you shouldn't surprise your manager. It is your responsibility to communicate your accomplishments to your manager throughout the year. It's also your responsibility to seek feedback from your manager throughout the year.
  • Be proactive - think about your personal needs, priorities, motivations and interests. Come prepared to discuss where you want to develop your skills and the type of roles and projects you would like to take on during the new performance year.

Make the performance process work for you by being proactive every step of the way.

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