One of the challenges that senior leaders often have is that they are rewarded and recognized based on the success of their functional area. But, often times, senior leaders are asked to be an engaged member of a leadership team. This requires a shift in an individual leader's attitudes, skills, and perspectives that is difficult for many leaders to make. Which ones apply to you? 

Individual Focus

Team Focus

Making decisions based on functional needs first.

Making decisions based on business needs first.

Competing for resources based on functional needs first.

Competing for resources based on business needs first.

Collaboration occurs mostly in functional area, creating silos across the organization.

Thinking shifts to a systems perspective where the leader has the agility to take other functional areas into account.

Operational and day-to-day orientation first.

Strategic orientation drives day-to-day priorities.

Time is spent mostly focused on urgent items.

A leader’s calendar has time blocked-off for strategic thinking and people development.

Leadership team meetings take the leader away from “real work.”

Leadership team meetings are valued and an important part of the leader’s role.

Individual ego and agenda first.


Relentless drive and passion for the organization first.


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