I can't stop watching the Tour de France! As I mentioned in my previous post, what intrigues me most are the dynamics between the riders that ultimately make or break a team.

In my opinion, Team Garmin-Slipstream is doing it right for a number of reasons. (1) They have a team culture that the riders are connected with. They want to change the way the sport is played. They believe in no-doping. They are here to ride and to support each other. They are doing it their way with a new philosophy, outlook, and team culture. (2) These self-proclaimed underdogs didn't go out and "buy" multi-million dollar riders (i.e., Team Astana?). They have built a team from within, grooomed young riders, and believe in the importance of retaining people over time. (3) Their coaches are awesome. Constantly providing support. Constantly providing feedback. Looking forward instead of back. Have you seen some of the videos of Matt White in the team car? He is awesome. Have you seen interviews with Jonathan Vaughters? He's unique.

Do you want to build a strong team? Consider doing some of the things Team Garmin-Slipstream is doing well. (1) Create a compelling and healthy team culture. (2) Groom from within and value your people. (3) Teach your leaders how to have the courage to be good coaches.

Checkout this short video on Team Garmin-Slipstream.


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