“I never really thought about how we were so different,” said Jen. “Just looking at this helps me understand you much more effectively. For the past two years, I thought you didn’t like me, and now I recognize it has nothing to do with that.”

This is a typical quote I get when people attend my DiSC (Understanding Behavioral Styles) workshops.

DiSC provides a framework for people to understand themselves and others at a deeper level, resulting in fewer communication breakdowns, less destructive conflict (and more constructive conflict), and, ultimately, efficiency in the way people work.

If your team is struggling to reach its highest levels of performance, contact me today to schedule a complimentary Team Strategy Session. We'll talk about some of your team challenges and if incorporating DiSC into a program is the right solution for your team.

And, if you have been considering DiSC as a tool for your team, let me know and we'll give you a complimentary online profile to check it out first hand.

You can always contact us at: info@512solutions.com or 303-579-5829.

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