Inscape Publishing just launched the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders, and my clients love it.

They love it for three reasons.

(1) It combines the best of a 360 degree assessment and the power of DiSC.

(2) It does away with the often useless, open-ended responses raters can give, and instead gives raters a set of choices to select for open-ended questions - making the feedback behavioral based and more valuable for the leader.

(3) It provides the leader with not only feedback on their leadership behaviors, but also three strategies for improving effectiveness.

Interested in a test run?

Schedule a DiSC Strategy Session with me. During this complimentary 45 minute discussion, we'll discuss your business objectives and challenges, talk about your organization's leadership capabilities, and see if the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders is a fit in your organization.

Email me with three dates/times when you are available.

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