By Kathy Brohm and Sal Silvester

Have you heard the latest from DiSC? It’s the Everything DiSC Application Library for Sales, Management, and the Workplace.  All of these programs offer additional flexibility and customization not available before.

One of the great new features within the Everything DiSC Workplace is the new Comparison Report, a slick and smart tool that allows a comparison of any 2 employees. The beauty of this report is that it creates a view from a specific person’s reference point so that there is a more in-depth understanding of how one person’s style can impact another.

Best part is that through 5.12 Solutions, your organization will be able to manage the DiSC profiles internally, which means you can select who takes the Everything DiSC profiles, view and print the reports, and run comparison reports as needed. This allows more flexibility, a quicker turnaround internally of reports, and unlimited customization and tailoring across the reports themselves.

Check it all out on our website and give us a call for more information!

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