"When leaders talk about their visions of the future, it's not about the numbers, about revenue earned, growth rate, or returns to shareholders. Those things are certainly extremely important concerns for leaders and constituents, but they don't get people enthused and energized over the long haul. What truly pulls people forward, especially in more difficult times, is the exciting possibility that what they are doing can make a profound difference to the future of their families, friends, colleagues, customers, and communities. They want to know what they do matters."

- Page 134, The Leadership Challenge

As you reflect on your role at home, work, and in other areas of your life, are you enlisting others in a shared vision? Not your vision, but a shared vision. One that appeals to the aspirations of others. One that helps others feel connected to what they do.

Use this vision to inspire people. Use this vision to make sure people know that what they do matters.

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