As I mentioned in my post last week, one of the interesting observations I've noticed in my leadership development programs here in Denver and Boulder, Colorado is that some leaders are naturally inclined to be more effective in different aspects of leadership. In other words, our personality styles can help or hinder us in various aspects of leadership. The post last week identified the behavioral best practices of leaders who excel at Championing Execution

When it comes to Crafting a Vision, however, a different set of behavioral best practices are required. For example, leaders who are adept at Crafting a Vision prioritize exploration, boldness, and testing assumptions. They tend to…

  • remain open versus seek closure
  • focus on the big picture versus the details
  • speak out versus hold back 
  • seek counsel versus decide independently

It's not that seeking closure, focusing on details, holding back, and deciding independently aren't important to leadership. They are. But not when it comes to Crafting a Vision

Stay tuned next week and we'll discuss some of the behavioral best practices related to Aligning your Team.

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