How Workplace Complexity Affects Leaders

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Leadership Programs that Transform

Our world has changed more in the past 10 years than it has in the previous 100.  

Are your leaders prepared to win in an environment that continues to grow in complexity?  

Do you have the leadership bench that will enable your business to scale in an increasingly unpredictable workplace?  

The thinking and behaviors that helped leaders succeed in the past do not necessarily arm them to succeed in the future.  Unfortunately not all organizations will be ready to face the rapid change around us.  

It doesn’t have to be that way.  

Our programs are designed to help your leaders transform both how they think and how they act so that they are equipped to address the growing complexity in our workplace today.  We offer programs for all budgets - from 1-3 day leadership immersive experiences to longer-term development programs to executive coaching for leaders at all levels. 

Today’s safe leadership won’t cut it tomorrow

The workplace of the future will look much different than today’s. It will be more networked, global and connected. Technology will continue to disrupt as well as enable. The pace of change will increase while the complexity of our businesses will rise. Leadership will be challenged.

How will leaders of tomorrow keep up?

What has worked for leaders in the past decade may not work for leaders in the future. The shift leaders will have to make has little to do with their leadership skills and everything to do with the internal operating system that drives their behavior - their level of consciousness.

And, if leaders aren’t able to change their internal operating system with the same pace of change and complexity in our workplace, they won’t be able to successfully scale their businesses.

Your Future in Leadership: An Executive Coach’s Perspective

As I work with clients across the country and globe, I’ve gotten increasingly curious about what leaders will need to do to be successful in the future. After all, our world has changed more in the past 20 years than it has in the previous 200, and what worked yesterday will likely not work tomorrow.

Create Your Best Year Yet!


I designed The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide after years of facilitating strategic planning and goal setting workshops for organizations and individuals. I wanted to make my proven process accessible to everyone, so that more people could make the changes in their lives that matter.

I believe more than ever that we all need a clear vision and intention for how we live our lives. Using The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide you'll clarify your purpose, establish meaningful goals that resonate both personally and professionally, and create a personal action plan that will make an immediate impact on your life. During this process you'll reflect on some of the most important aspects of your life - your finances, health and fitness, career, personal relationships and more.

Free Goal Setting Guide and Coaching Your People To Be Intentional

As a leader, it's a great time of year to reflect on the past and plan for the future — for both yourself and your people.

Productive Conflict Workshop: Beyond a Culture of Nice:)

DiSC Productive Conflict WorkshopA powerful workshop to transform destructive conflict into productive outcomes.

As we wrap up our Productive Conflict series, we wanted to let you know about our newest and highly raved about workshop:

Productive Conflict: Beyond a Culture of Nice:)

Designed by our executive coaching team, this workshop is intended to help you and your team step into 2019 with direct, respectful and honest conversation about topics that matter most. In this engaging and entertaining session, speaker and leadership author Sal Silvester not only offers a mandate for more productive conflict, but he also provides practical tools and tips that will enable your people, teams and organization to engage in conflict more productively. 

A detailed description is inside. 

Masterclass: Productive Conflict - Beyond a Culture of Nice:)

Imagine what becomes possible with colleagues who are able to interact without fear of repercussion and who give each other the benefit of the doubt. They don’t get bogged down in drama, over analysis and political turf wars. Instead, they make decisions more quickly and pivot when needed.

Learn more about this important masterclass. 

The Meeting After the Meeting

It’s often unspoken. What team members really want most is to end the meeting and get back to their real work. So what do they do? They nod their heads in agreement so that the conversation can just move on and the meeting ends. It’s a symptom of a team that doesn’t have clarity of purpose and isn’t focused on the right topics.


Unfortunately, what comes next is the dreaded meeting after the meeting.


A Culture of Nice Doesn’t Work

A culture of nice doesn’t work. It’s fraught with conflict avoidance and artificial harmony.

Organizations that foster a culture of nice lose what they need most. They lose the direct, honest and respectful conversations that have consequential impact. People lack clarity of expectations and strategic direction. Teams drown in swirl and take longer to make decisions as people nod in agreement during meetings, conduct the dreaded meeting-after-the-meeting, and revisit decisions over and over again.