The 4 Costliest Mistakes Senior Leadership Teams Make

Are your senior leadership teams struggling to achieve their highest level of effectiveness and as a result missing out on opportunities?

Effective leadership teams are a product of a shared vision, a strong foundation of trust, and transparent communication. But what often happens is that leaders get so busy spending time IN the business, focusing on the urgent day-to-day issues, instead of ON the business, focusing on creating alignment, building collaboration, and a nurturing a healthy culture. Instead of being able to rapidly respond to new opportunities, unnecessary conflict, stress, and ambiguity of roles emerge.

If you are like many other senior leadership teams, you probably have good people and good products and services but know you are not performing at your highest potential.

Imagine the competitive advantage of a senior leadership team that shares a common purpose and wants to be engaged and productive. Where team members respect and leverage each others’ differences, engage in constructive conflict with shared goals in mind, and solve problems and make decisions based on a common vision.

While many leadership teams want a “silver bullet” in response to these challenges, we believe the answers are more practical. It starts by aligning people around a common purpose, building teams that collaboratively work toward objectives, and then creating a culture that ignites personal commitment.

During this interactive and engaging session, Sal Silvester will share his observations and recommendations on:

  • The unique challenges senior leadership teams face
  • The 4 costliest mistakes senior leadership teams make that limit collaboration and effectiveness
  • 4 People-first™ Factors for overcoming these mistakes including how to deal with critical communication breakdowns
  • 3 strategies for improving team member motivation and engagement

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