Accelerate, Don’t Break: The 5 Road Blocks that Slow Teams Down

Are your teams struggling with communication breakdowns, slow decision making and as a result wasting precious time and energy?

Effective teams are comprised of the right people, have clarity about their purpose, and collaborate around shared objectives. But what often happens is that urgent issues (i.e., reacting to the customer who shouts the loudest) get in the way of focusing on team effectiveness. Instead of being able to capitalize on each others' strengths and quickly solve problems, decisions get revisited over and over again and unnecessary conflict and stress arise.

If your organization is like others, your teams may be struggling with these common challenges:

  1. The wrong people are in the right positions, resulting in unnecessary conflict, low levels of productivity, and higher turnover. The problem, however, is not just in hiring the right people. The deeper issue is a lack of time and know-how to cultivate the right team.
  2. Lack of focus. When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority at all. When priorities are unclear or constantly changing, team members feel like they are sinking instead of swimming. The problem, however, is deeper than just assigning people the right tasks. It gets to the core of truly aligning a team with the right purpose and around the right strategic objectives.
  3. Differences become obstacles resulting in barriers between team members and other departments. The lack of trust is obvious as people hoard resources, hide information for their personal benefit, and protect their own turf. The challenge, however, is deeper than just getting along with each other. It's about understanding that efficiency is directly correlated with cohesiveness, and cohesiveness can only be built with the right structure and support.

Most people want to be on a team that wins. They want to work in an environment where their contributions matter; they want to solve challenging problems collaboratively; they want to have professional and respectful workplace relationships.

Imagine the impact of a team that was laser focused on the right objectives and worked cohesively toward common goals. During this interactive and engaging session, Sal Silvester will share his observations and recommendations on:

  • The 5 road blocks that slow teams down
  • 2 critical communication breakdowns that limit team member effectiveness and derail teams
  • The 5 People-first™ recommendations to get teams aligned and cohesive
  • 3 ways to improve team member engagement

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