We’ve found that most senior leaders are smart and successful people, but as they rise to higher levels within an organization, they struggle to navigate the following challenges.

  • Balancing membership on multiple teams.
  • Juggling the competing priorities between the function they lead and other areas of the business.
  • Navigating the complex relationships with other senior and executive leaders.
  • Understanding the ripple effect of their actions and decisions on the larger corporate culture.
  • Making the shift to a more strategic mindset while gaining the emotional commitment of their people.

These Challenges Have an Impact on the Business

They often result in overwhelm, frustration, and burnout in the leader.  Their employees feel the effect of their micromanagement or overly hands-off approach resulting in lower levels of engagement and productivity. And of course, all of that adds up to potentially costly shortfalls and missed opportunities that impact organizational health and success.

It doesn't have to be that way.

With some targeted support, your senior leaders can handle these organizational challenges with grace. Welcome to the Ignite Executive Leadership Coaching Program. This is our 3 - 12 month, no-fluff approach for busy leaders who want to more effectively communicate a vision, get their organization aligned and energized, and passionately champion execution. This practical, executive coaching program can help your leaders maximize their potential.

With this process, everything changes…

  • Leaders build the awareness to more eloquently navigate the dizzying personalities and preferences of team members and colleagues across the organization.
  • They develop the interpersonal agility to successfully navigate the hand-offs and trade-offs with peers and other stakeholders.  
  • They learn to balance a focus on both results and relationships.
  • They better understand the needs of their people so that they can build commitment and more effectively engage and motivate.
  • They learn to distinguish the right priorities in the face of the frenzied pace of change and volatility of the workplace.

Our Ignite Leadership Coach Approach

Our executive coaching engagements in Denver and beyond range from 3 – 12 months in duration and are customized to meet our client’s needs. They typically progress through three phases.

Phase I: Assessment and Goals

Leaders and their Coach begin with an Insights Session to explore the results they desire from the engagement. During Phase 1 we utilize various 3rd-party and proprietary assessments to help the Leader uncover their strengths and blind spots, build self-awareness, and improve leadership effectiveness. Participants then create a focused Leadership Action Plan that guides their development throughout the program.

Phase 2: Performance

Phase 2 is where the heavy lifting happens and leaders begin to produce results. Based on the initial assessment, we customize our Ignite Leadership Coach Approach to address the leader’s specific goals. During this phase, the Coach and Leader will meet on a regular basis either in person or by video calls. We introduce over 30 toolkits specifically designed for senior and executive level leadership. We may observe leaders in their work environment and provide real time feedback or even prepare for specific situations using video techniques. We don’t use the same approach for everyone, because individual leaders have specific considerations, situations, and needs.

Phase 3: Follow-up

During Phase 3, we provide ongoing support to ensure the results “stick.” We use a proprietary system to track and measure behavioral change. And, we don’t just walk away when an engagement ends, but provide additional support through our 24/7 virtual leadership coaching platform.

Other Components of The Program

Many of our executive and leadership coaching engagements in Denver and beyond also involve:

  • A combination of group and individual coaching when multiple leaders are involved.
  • Training workshops based on key skills and competencies.
  • Customization for senior leadership teams.
  • Access to our online virtual coaching system throughout the engagement that provides 24x7 support and reinforcement.
  • Coaching between leaders from different departments to help breakdown silos and barriers.
  • Personality style profiles such as DiSC or MBTI.
  • 360-degree profiles such as The Leadership Circle or Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders
  • A verbal 360 degree process.
  • Engagement and culture survey data.
  • Professional reading.
  • Relevant and practical fieldwork assignments.

Ready for Next Steps?

If you are interested in exploring how you might benefit from our executive coaching programs in Denver or elsewhere, we invite you to schedule a complimentary Insights Session by completing the form below. During a 30 minute conversation we’ll discuss your business needs, results you’d like to achieve, and determine if our program is a fit for you and your leaders.