"Our combined experience with 5.12 Solutions has been very positive. We have been able to utilize the strengths of 5.12 Solutions in order to assess, review, analyze and develop training material to strengthen the Management team and functional teams, and to strengthen the combined output.

The focus was initially on pure team-building within the Management Team; from here, functional team-building was formulated to suit the needs of each team. From this point forward we continued to develop the team based on strengths focused improvement.

The team development, moved from team-building, will continue into 2012 as the functional teams build upon their numbers, their make-up and of course their maturing as they continue their evolution into fully functioning teams."


- SVP Operations
Global Manufacturing Organization

Organizational Training and Development Consulting to Ignite the Potential of Your People

5.12 Solutions consulting services are designed to dramatically improve the contribution that teams and leaders make to the organization. Our practical and proprietary People-First Leadership™ model guides our approach to accelerating cultural change and business results.

Consulting services are focused in the following areas:

  • Executive Teams: Enabling senior leadership teams to establish the team member relationships and team structure needed to make the consequential decisions that lead to organizational success.
  • Emerging Leaders: Elevating leadership effectiveness, resulting in emerging leaders who can build team member commitment, reduce voluntary turnover of high performers, increase team member productivity, and ultimately help an organization capitalize on opportunities.
  • Teams: Accelerating team development and team agility, resulting in focus, faster decisions, team member trust and commitment, and the ability to capitalize on new opportunities.