Who We Work With

We work with teams and leaders from a variety of mid-sized and large organizations who want to make a shift in how they collaborate and lead to achieve business results.

Our typical clients have good people and good products and services, but know that their teams aren’t performing to their fullest potential. They also know that their leaders are critical to creating a sustainable competitive edge.

Senior leaders and HR Professionals from mid-sized organizations call on us to help their senior leadership teams and functional teams become more effective so that they can capitalize on new opportunities. They also call on us to help accelerate the capabilities of their emerging leaders. Large organizations purchase our DiSC profiles and other learning instruments and seek our assistance to train their internal trainers on how to use those tools within their training programs.

Many of our clients share a common set of challenges.

See if any of these sound familiar to you.

  • The lack of focus negatively impacts team effectiveness. Priorities between the organization, departments, and teams aren’t aligned, resulting in unclear performance expectations and ambiguity of roles and responsibilities. This often leads to…
  • Communication breakdowns that result in barriers between individuals, teams and departments. These barriers limit team member effectiveness and often encourage individuals, teams, and departments to hoard resources instead of being focused on common objectives. This often relates to…
  • Team members who don’t fully trust each other. Low levels of trust result in low levels of collaboration, where people engage in “the blame game” and decisions tend to get revisited over and over again. This often leads to…
  • Unnecessary conflict and stress when differences in personalities and styles become obstacles. When team members don’t know each other well and value each others’ differences, they never tap into the strengths that individuals bring to the team. All of these issues lead to…
  • Employee disengagement and low productivity. When team members aren’t engaged in their work, it reflects in their low levels of productivity, commitment, and willingless to focus on organizational goals.

Is 5.12 Solutions a fit for you?

Clients are likely to be successful working with us if…

  • They value their people and recognize that it is through their development that they will gain a sustainable competitive edge.
  • Senior leaders support the investment in their people and are open to change.
  • The organization as a whole is committed to making a measurable contribution to their clients.

Now that you know more about our typical clients, common challenges we help them resolve, and who we are most successful with, please check out our Consulting Page to learn more about our longer-term programs for teams and leaders who want to make a significant shift in how they do business. And check out our Services Page to learn more about our team building and corporate training workshops for teams and leaders who want to develop point skills in a half-day or full-day session.