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About 5.12 Solutions Consulting Group

Rock climbing routes are rated by their level of technical difficulty on a scale of 5.0 to 5.15. A 5.12 ("five-twelve") climber is considered world class. That concept of "world class" embodies the clients we work with and the organizational training and development solutions we deliver.

Generating Business Results for Our Clients

As our name suggests, we strive to help senior leadership teams, functional teams, and emerging leaders reach higher levels of success.

We believe that getting the right people on board and giving them the support and structure to effectively communicate and collaborate is the cornerstone to greater productivity and profitability.

Our team of talented facilitators, trainers, executive coaches, and consultants infuse our programs with the practical tools our clients need to make a significant shift in how they work together and add value to their organizations.

Typical results we help our clients achieve include reducing the risk of top talent attrition, building trust and cohesion, engaging in constructive debate and dialogue, and improving team and leadership effectiveness.

Our Approach to Team and Leadership Development

5.12 Solutions begins each client engagement with one or more in-depth Team/Leadership Development Strategy Sessions. During these sessions we focus on understanding your strategic needs, business challenges, and outcomes you would like to achieve. From there, we work iteratively with you to develop a program approach that helps you achieve your business goals. All of our programs have clear measures of success and are tied to strategic objectives of the organization.

During program delivery we use multiple methods to maximize impact on business results. Our programs may include:

  • Team and Leadership Performance Sessions
  • Individual coaching
  • Behavioral/personality styles, such as DiSC or MBTI, and other instruments
  • 360 degree profiles such as The Leadership Circle and 363 for Leaders
  • Real-time consulting based on dynamics observed during staff meetings
  • Experiential training and development components
  • Professional reading
  • Self-reflection fieldwork
  • Online coursework
  • Integration of team and leadership development projects
  • Work with an accountability partner or attend a webinar

These are just a few examples of how we get participants inspired to think beyond the ordinary. Whatever your company's training or professional development needs are, we customize a program just for you.

Contact us today and see how we rise to the challenge of providing your employees with a dynamic, engaging, fun and memorable learning experience.