Understanding the Hidden Job Market and It's Secrets

September 21, 2009 -- Sal Silvester

Have you been laid-off or outsourced more than once due to mergers and acquisitions or the economy? Are you in a dead-end job that doesn't utilize your skills and talents? Are you uncertain about how best to market yourself and find work that's right for you?

I  have teamed-up with career coach Laura A. Davis to offer this 3-part webinar series Recession-proof Your Career.

Part 1: Assessing Your Talents and Preparing for the Search is currently available as an immediate download. You can get that here: Get the Assessing Your Talents Webinar.

Part 2: Understanding the Hidden Job Market and its Secrets is Thursday, Sept 24th, 7:00pm - 8:15pm mst, 9:00pm - 10:15pm est).

For details, go to: www.recession-proofyourcareer.com.


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