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Crunching the Numbers

November 7, 2011 -- Sal Silvester

According to the November 2011 issue of Inc. Magazine...

  • 64% - Portion of customers who have walked out of a store because of poor customer service in the past 12 months
  • 70% - Share of customers who say they are willing to spend more at companies that provide superior customer service
  • 9 = Average number of people a customer will tell about a good customer service experience
  • 16 = Average number of people a customer will tell about a bad experience

Four Excuses to Scare off a Customer...Forever

August 22, 2011 -- Sal Silvester

Here are 4 real-life excuses that will scare off a retail customer every time.

Excuse One: “It’s our policy.”

Ah, the dreaded fallback position from employees and organizations that have no clue about what the customer needs. Smells like complacency to me. In other words, corporate has my hands tied and I can’t do anything for you.

Excuse Two: “My manager is on vacation for the next week.”

This seriously happened to me. Right after excuse number 1. Sounds a lot like "my dog ate my homework."

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