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Team Building and Leadership Training in Denver and Boulder, Colorado  

Senior leaders and HR Professionals from mid-sized and large organizations call on us to work with their executive teams, functional teams, and emerging leaders. Our services enhance team and leadership agility and help organizations accelerate their success. 

Our typical clients have good people and competitive products and services. They also know that their teams aren't performing to their fullest potential. And when teams and leaders don't function effectively, employees get dissatisfied and frustrated, engagement decreases, and they start planning their exit. 

Team and Leadership Breakdowns Cost Your Organization

You See The Impact, But May Not Know How to Fix Them

Negative dynamics between individuals, teams, and departments are the results you see. However, the cause may not always be obvious. It typically starts with communication breakdowns. Over time, trust deteriorates. Eventually, you get the “hunker down and hoard resources” mentality, as consideration for organizational goals wanes. Excessive (overt and covert) conflict ensues. Indecisiveness sets in, and everything gets revisited—painfully—over and over again. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Successful Organizations Put Their People First...

And create a sustainable competitive edge. 

Now imagine the competitive advantage of a workplace culture where teams and leaders share a common purpose and are eager to be engaged. Where employees respect and leverage each others’ differences, engage in constructive conflict, and solve problems and make decisions based on a common vision.

Since 2001 We Have Developed Leaders and Teams

That's our exclusive focus. 

While many organizations want a “silver bullet” in response to these challenges, we believe the answers are more practical. It starts by getting your people aligned around a common purpose, building teams that collaboratively work toward objectives, and then creating a culture that ignites personal commitment.

At 5.12 Solutions Consulting Group we can help. Based in Boulder, Colorado, and serving clients in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Summit County, Estes Park and across the nation, we offer a suite of organizational training and development  options including:

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